Friday, January 29, 2010

World's Most Unique Valentine Cards Ever!

Luke's teacher sent home a note earlier this week with information about the upcoming Valentine's Day Party.  She told us how many children are in the class, and recommended that we have our pre-schoolers get started signing their cards now, so they only have to do a few a day.   This is really good practice for them.

Because I don't like to go with the hum-drum ordinary Valentine cards from the grocery store or WalMart, I was playing around on my computer a little while ago and came up with this (okay, I'll say it!) awesome, amazing design. :)

Luke LOVES race cars.  He also LOVES trucks.  (Last year we did a similar card, but with a big yellow dump truck with the back end full of hearts.)  I didn't get too goopy and sentimental -- in fact, I didn't put a single heart on the design -- because these are for his friends at school.

I decided to offer this service to anyone who is interested!   These are simply printed on 110# card stock.  (Not photo paper.) The back reads "To:  Friend"  "From:_______" (where you child can write his/her name).  Each card measures about 4 x 3 inches.  I can include envelopes if you want.

Here's the cost:  $5.00 for me to work up the design for you ... just tell me your child's interests, favorite colors, etc., email your child's photo (I can easily crop him/her out of a photo if you don't have an individual shot), and we'll work together to create the design.   Then each set of 6 cards (they'll arrive on a cut them) is just $2.00.  If you want envelopes, I can provide 4.5 x 5.5 white envelopes for an additional $.35 per envelope.   Shipping is extra, based on the number of cards and/or envelopes you wish to order.

Just email me at if you have any questions or wish to place an order.  You don't pay until you love the final design, then I'll email an invoice to you.


See more fun, unique Valentine gift ideas at

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  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing the gift card idea.Sounds great.Wish you all the very best.Have a joyful V-Day ahead.

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