Friday, January 8, 2010

Hand-eye coordination, and spatial concepts, and fine motor skills! Oh My!

Have you ever put a 3D Puzzle

Problem solving. Spatial concepts. Hand-eye coordination. Fine motor skills.   Ahhh, the words every parent LOVES to hear when referring to play time that can also be educational time.

But for the 3D puzzler, let's also add the words persistence and patience to the list.   Because these things, too, are being learned while solving a 3D Puzzle.

I always knew puzzles were fun, and all my kids have had many over the years.  I've recently, however, thanks to a gift 5-year old Luke received from Aunt Suzi, joined the ranks of a 3D puzzler, and I can tell you first hand they are fun, but also challenging.   But the sense of accomplishment that Luke and I both felt when we finished assembling Luke's 3D Puzzle was worth every bit of the effort we put in.  And the parent-child time we spent together was priceless!

Luke and I were definitely flexing our logic muscles as we matched numbers and images to construct his Stegosaurus 3D Puzzle.   And the puzzle pieces fit so tightly together, that Luke now plays with it as one of his new dinosaur friends!  

There are even 3D puzzles for children as young as 3 years, like  Wild Animal 3D puzzles, Dinosaur 3D puzzles, and even Artic Animals 3D puzzles.

Older kids....?  What about a 3d Jigsaw Adventure Computer Game, an engaging way to teach your pre-teen or teen the same important skills and concepts, but it's played on a computer....and it costs LESS THAN $6.00!  Or go the traditional 3D puzzle route, and check out a 3D Empire State Building Puzzle (around $16.00) or even a 3D Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - Flying Dutchman (around $32.50).

Another terrific thing about puzzles?  They're so inexpensive!  They make terrific gifts not only for your own children, but consider all those children's birthday parties your kids get invited can get a great gift like a 3D puzzle usually for under $15.00.

Happy Puzzling!


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