Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Way to Save a Few Dollars for College

As a WAHM with a houseful of kids who will eventually need to go to college, and a husband in sales in a poor economy, we are battoning down the hatches and looking at every way possible to not only save, but to spend smart.  

I recently learned about and signed up for a free program called Upromise – Save for College the Smart Way!

The premise behind Upromise is that you've got to shop, you've got to buy groceries, so why not shop and buy from retailers registered with Upromise, who will then give you a percentage of every purchase.

Here's how it's explained on the website:

Simple Idea:

■Create a college savings service that harnesses the purchasing power of parents, extended family, family, and students to make it easier to pay for college.

■Members direct their spending to Upromise partners—including more than 600 online stores, 8,000+ restaurants, thousands of grocery and drugstore items—and earn money for college.

Powerful Results:

■Everyone can earn money for college—parents with young children; family and friends that want to contribute; students and graduates with eligible student loans to pay.

■Many members have earned hundreds even thousands of dollars for college with their everyday spending, and have been able to use those earnings to contribute toward college tuition, expenses, or loans–quicker and easier.

Plus..Upromise is Giving Away $250,000 in College Scholarships!

Remember, it costs you nothing to join...and every qualified item you purchase is money in the bank.  Just thought I'd share.... let me know what you think!


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