Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun Craft Idea (aka Keep from Going Stir Crazy!!!)

This is perhaps the 7th or 8th (or 139th, but who's counting?) day in a row where it has been just too cold to play outside.

We've baked (and eaten!) cookies (all wearing our custom aprons, I might add).

We've played board games (Scrabble, Apples to Apples Junior -- did you know there is now a Junior edition of this fun game? Must check it out! -- Electronic Pictionary Man, and Loaded Questions -- which is our family's favorite game of 2010 by the way).

We've watched almost every DVD in the house (not kidding!).

We've played charades.

Just the other day, 2 of my girls taped (blue painters tape) my 13 year old to a chair, then rolled him in front of a computer and turned on a Dora the Explorer video (I am not making this up!).

Today, we dragged out some of our favorite books, and one in particular, Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert (which, if you haven't read it, is a wonderful!!!!! book for young children!) tickled our creativity bone, so Luke and I decided we needed to create a "snow-something."

Luke is dying to grow up and go deer hunting with his Dad, so his immediate decision was to create a "Snow Buck."

I gathered glue and Cheerios and raisins and mini marshmallows and pasta and chocolate chips and even a can of celery seed.   First, I drew some shapes on a piece of paper (I used a graphics program on my computer, because I'm anal that way), and then Luke went to work creating THE most amazing "Snow Buck" I've ever seen!!!

What a fun way to spend an hour.


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