Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine Traditions

I know some people LOVE Valentine's Day, and others reject it outright.  I guess I fall somewhere in the middle.  It's a fun day to focus on the people you love, and perhaps give a small gift to show that love.  And the last thing in the world I want my husband to buy me for Valentine's Day is a big box of chocolates.   I LOVE chocolate, but an entire box is way more calories than I need to be eating! 

Everyone has different Valentine traditions.   With 6 children, we like to make it a fun family day.   Last year we all went bowling, then came home and ate tacos by candlelight, then had ice cream sundaes for dessert!   How fun was that!?

We also like to give the kids small "love gifts" just to make it extra special.  Here are a few ideas I've found for unique, inexpensive Valentine gifts:

These Snoozies Peace Slumber Socks will be treasured by my daughter.  She LOVES fuzzy socks; she LOVES peace signs. 

I was informed recently by Mr. Luke's preschool teacher that Luke plays endlessly with Mr. Potato head at his pre-school.  So when I saw this Mr. Potato Head Valentine's Day Sweetheart Spud, I knew it would be just the right gift for him!

While shopping around, I came across this inexpensive I Love You Egg Shaper.  Since Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year, and our family likes to have a big breakfast after Church on Sundays, I decided this would be a fun thing to do.  I can't wait to see their faces when I serve their eggs.  Even though the kids prefer scrambled, I'm pretty sure I can scramble the egg, then pour it in the mold.  I wonder if it will work for pancakes???

When I saw these  My Heart Beats for You Pillow Cases I was pretty sure I was onto something! 

And the  Romantic Couple Coffee Mugs are pretty darn cute, too.

I was thinking this Norpro Nonstick Heart- Sicle Pan would be perfect for a special dessert this year!

And if I forget about Sammy the dog, I'll be in big trouble.   But these  Hugs and Kisses Valentine Dog Treats are so pretty and so inexpensive....he's gonna love them!

Now, even though I no longer have one young enough for a onesie, while I was shoppping I saw this Personalized Valentines Love Bug T-romper and wished I still had one that little!  

Oh, and if anyone knows My Better Half, could you tell him I would LOVE to have either of these Pink Peace Snoozies or Hearts Snoozies

Do you have any Valentine's traditions?  Do you exchange gifts?  Do you include the kids? 


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