Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teaching pre-schoolers with ryhmes

"I keep the cold air out, and you walk through me to go outside. I'm not a chore, and I'm not a floor, I'm a ______________."

"This is where you brush your teeth and wash your face. I'm not pink and I don't stink, I'm a __________."

"I'm little and creepy crawly. I'm not a rug and I'm not a hug, I'm a _______."

"You see these when you sleep. I'm not steam and I'm not cream, I'm a ________."

Pre-schoolers LOVE to rhyme! This is a fun game 4-year old Luke and I recently discovered, and it keeps us busy while we're waiting in the car to pick up his older siblings after school, or even just snuggling on the couch.

"This is where we eat dinner. I'm not a stable, I'm a _______________."

Use your imagination! See what fun rhymes YOU can come up with!


Let your child create his/her very own custom party invitations and thank you cards.

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