Monday, November 17, 2008

It only takes a minute

So many people are shocked when they learn that I have 6 children...."how do you do it?" is a common question.

I won't say I never have bad days (just ask my kids!), but I try to be organized and that has been the key to my "success."

But busy as I am as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I've learned that we can teach our children through everyday activites that only take a few extra minutes of our time, especially if we include the "teaching" with the everyday activities that we're doing anyway!

Take laundry (PLEASE!!! Take ALL my laundry! I feel like I'm drowning in it some days!). 4-year old Luke likes to help me fold laundry, so I ask his assistance by having him sort the clothes. He makes a pile for each sibling and one for mom and dad, and one for the towels. You can't believe how much this actually helps me! Then when I start folding, I take one person at a time, and it seems so much simpler this way. Luke then likes to take his siblings' folded laundry and place it neatly on each person's bed (for that person to put away when s/he gets home from school). He also takes his folded clothes, which we've sorted into "shirts" "pants" "underwear & socks" and "pajamas" and he puts these away in the correct drawers in his bedroom.
Have fun!
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  1. I only have 2 girls and yet I'm swimming in laundry. I'm going to have them read this, because they happen to think that doing laundry is hazardous to their health. Only theirs, mind you ... apparently, it does wonders for mine.

  2. That is a great idea. My little monster trys "helping" by taking the piles I already folded and jumping into them!

    I'll set him to work.

    He always loves to throw the dirty laundry into the machine. I just have to watch and make sure he doesn't get over zealous and throw the darks in with the whites!

    Thanks and take take care,

  3. When I go in public with our 5 children... first people look at me like I am nuts for having so many kids and when they finally get over the shock... people ask me the same question... "how do you do it?" I sometimes say.... I don't know what you are talking about... they all followed me home one day and now they won't leave! : ) Sometimes I say.... "it takes alot of patience and alot of prayin!" I am silly sometimes... just joking. Actually my kids fold all the laundry for me. At ages 13 and 11 and even my 6 year folds it. I thought since I wash it and dry it... the least they could do is fold it and put it all away. : ) I have some really awesome kids! They are all amazing in their own unique ways. I know I hear you... I am swamped with laundry on a regular basis! lol Love your blog Lisa! Keep up the great work! : )

    Take care...
    Lisa : )
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  4. Awww your little guy sounds so sweet! My 2 year old daughter helps put away her toys. My son is too young to know the difference right now lol... but when I am folding laundry, she throws the clean clothes on the floor, yeah, that's not much help, but she doesn't get the concept yet. By the way, I'm from "The Blog Train". I like your blog a lot! And 6 kids might seem like a lot to me, but you're use to it, so you know how it's done... I have two kids and I babysit 1 other child... and them all together is full enough for me. Props to you!!!