Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cure for a Migraine Headache

I have discovered the cure for migraines --- GREAT KIDS!

The scientific community will be knocking on my door!l

Yesterday afternoon I had a migraine. I get them every month.

I just needed to lie down for a while, because the Imitrex makes me so sleepy.

Luke was napping, so I had a little talk with Drake, Analisa, and Quinn and explained to them that I had one of my really bad headaches and needed to rest for a while. With Drake in charge, I asked them to quietly watch the new DVD we'd picked up from the library the other day while I rested my eyes for a few minutes.

About 30 minutes later I emerged from my room to find the living room cleaned, the kitchen table washed, and a bowl of the chocolatiest concoction of my favorite things -- CHOCOLATE!

Drake had poured some Rice Krispies into a bowl, added several Whoppers candies, and then, to make it extra special, he also threw in 4 or 5 Dove chocolate candies (the kind with the caramel in the center). Sitting proudly next to the concoction was an ice cold Caffeine Free diet Coke.

Heaven in a bowl, and a refreshing drink to wash it down.

Now, while feeling slightly nauseous from my headache, I was urged to sit on the chair that the kids had covered in a blanket, and which also had a pillow sitting on it for my comfort. They had placed a fan on a nearby chair to keep me comfortable. And then the three of them watched with excitement, waiting for me to eat.

What else could I do? I'm a mom. They had cleaned the house! They were concerned about me. They were taking care of me.

Many times we have to do things that are uncomfortable (or even stomach-turning) for us for the benefit of our children.

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm, good!


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